Mary WILSON - Media
Mary WILSON - Media
Mary Wilson in 1855 taken by the Rev F Lockey of Bath. He was “
One of the first in the Bath area to take up photography, Lockey began experimenting in 1849, first using paper negatives, and later with glass plates. Many of his glass plates were destroyed, but BRLSI holds 86 paper negatives of views in Bath and the surrounding area, and has recently acquired 39 framed prints developed from them. Reverend Lockey and his family lived in Swainswick near Bath, in a house known then as Swainswick Cottage. The building survives today, complete with Lockey's purpose built photographic printing studio (now used as a conservatory)”
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Mary Wilson:Bridges and family
Four Generations: Mrs. Bridges, “Georgie" Georgiana Peach Bridges Ellacombe (1828-1899), only daughter of Rev. Henry Thomas Ellacombe (1790-1885) and his second wife, Ann Bridges ( 1803-1831), 8th child of George Bridges and Mary Wilson
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