Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
NameCoel Hen GUOTEPAUK of GODODDIN  , 14618
ChildrenCeneu (Saint)  , 14617 (382-)
Notes for Coel Hen GUOTEPAUK of GODODDIN  
Aka Coilus (III) Votepacus; Guotepauk = `the Magnificent/Splendid' ; The Protector - defended Northern Britain from Picts and Irish after Romans left; poss. the King who invited Saxon mercenaries to Britain; `Old King Cole' (WLEDIG ?); prob. last Roman Dux Britanniarum, or British leader of the Roman Army based in York and High King of North Britain when the Romans left in 410 AD; (his pedigree may be uncertain, he was prob. of Votadini tribe, or perhaps Brigantes)
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