Clement-Jones family v2/21 - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family v2/21 - Person Sheet
NameRev Arthur WILLINK , 982
EducationEmanuel College Cambridge
FatherRev Arthur WILLINK , 961 (1824-1862)
MotherSarah Wakefield CROPPER , 960 (1824-1890)
Birth1849, Marple Cheshire
Death1935, Cambridge
FatherRev Thomas Briggs DICKSON , 984 (1805-1870)
MotherJane , 6366 (>1851-)
ChildrenArthur Charles Eric , 985
 Herman James Lindale , 986 (1884-1918)
 Ersa , 6354 (1881-)
 Hilda Mary , 6355 (1882-)
Notes for Rev Arthur WILLINK
Arthur Willink (1850-1913) was a nineteenth-century British theologian and clergyman.


His most notable work is The World of the Unseen, a piece in which he argues that the universe consists of three parallel planes: the earth, heaven, and hell. God, Willink argues, exists on a complete separate, infinite-dimensional space completely removed from these three planes.[1][2]
In The World of the Unseen, he wrote:
“ "This emphasizes very strongly what has been said about the Omniscience of God. For He, dwelling in the Highest Space of all, not only has this perfect view of all the constituents of our being, but also is most infinitely near to every point and particle of our whole constitution. So that in the most strictly physical sense it is true that in Him we live and move and have our being. ”

Willink was one of the earliest philosophers to postulate that the world exists in more than the three dimensions we are used to, thus setting the stage for the development of hyperspace theories.
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