Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
NameChristopher Otto Giffard CLEMENT-JONES , 89
Birth13 Feb 1951
Death23rd Sept 2016
EducationHaileybury and Dundee University
FatherMartin Clement Trevor JONES , 84 (1915-1981)
ChildrenVeronica Giffard , 442 (1989-)
 Felicity Giffard , 443 (1992-)
Marriage2006, St Brelade’s, Jersey
Notes for Christopher Otto Giffard CLEMENT-JONES
Worked in management in the aluminium industry in the Far East and Australia for much of his career. Then based in Cornwall and afterwards Jersey. Named Otto after Otto Hubener who was a friend and employer of his father and implicated in the failed 20th July 1944 bunker assassination plot (the “von Stauffenberg plot”) against Adolph Hitler. Born as Jones but eventually used the name Clement-Jones after Haileybury.

Died relatively young of lung cancer and the wonderful euloges given at his funeral gives a great picture of his qualities.

Here is what the Rev Mark Bond said using the words of first his friend Rodney

istance, a slight physical impediment and circumstance stops me from being here today to deliver this eulogy to my, our friend Chris. Would that it were not necessary, would that we were not here, but it is as it is and we stand here in disbelief. We have all expressed our shock, we have all expressed our horror. And here we now are, saying our adieus. How could it be that a man as vibrant and strong as Chris should be struck down with not one but two mortal illnesses and the lesser of the two, the less feared of the two, should take him away so rapidly? It is difficult to come to terms with that.

Susan and I have been close friends for 40 years. When she told me some 15 years ago that she had met a man whom she thought could be the one, my wife and I were delighted. I was keen to meet someone who thought he could take on strong willed, feisty, intelligent, independent Susan, but more importantly, knowing her as well as I did, I was keen to meet that 'someone' who had captured her attention and eventually her love. He had to be someone special.

There are many things one can say about Chris, all of them good but I think one can catch everything that was Chris by just that one word……………. Special. He was an unusual but wonderful combination of qualities and abilities. Very intelligent, very experienced, great conversationalist, well formed opinions and arguments but open minded, attentive, extrovert, humorous, noisy, ribald, charming, great cook,. In a word…………… Special. Not many of us can lay claim to all that made up Chris Clement-Jones.

However, as far as I was concerned, he did not need to be any of those things because he had the one thing, the most important thing of all, and that was his devotion to Susan. That love and devotion was visible at all times. His never failing courtesy and consideration, his constant desire to please her. His concern for her well being. His loyalty to his vow to stand beside her and make her life good. That was the essence of the relationship and his aim in his life with her. How sad, how cruel that it was started so late in life and finished so early.

Fortunately Susan has a wonderful band of friends. Her swimming companions, her luncheon friends, her social center, her confidants. Her 'Girls'. I know she loves you all and is so lucky to have you now as a strong support at this sad, sad time - a strong column for the coming months and firm bridge to help her over to the new life facing her ahead. Knowing you are there will make it that much more bearable for her.

Chris leaves behind a record of service to the community. The guard of honour formed by his colleagues at this sad ceremony bears tribute to that and to the man he was. A respected man. An honoured man. An honourable man. He leaves behind many friends who will miss his effervescent presence and his warm personality. My wife and I will miss him. You will all miss him but none will miss him as much as dear Susan.”

then St Brelade Constable Steve Pallett :

“I spent some considerable time with Chris almost from the time he joined the St.Brelade Honorary Police through to my election as Connetable in 2011 that then took me away from operational policing.It was clear to me very early on that Chris was an extremely worldly wise and knowledgable individual who had considerable business experience after a life working in various parts of the world.

I have always,I think, tried to lead from the front whether it be during my time in sport,with the Honorary Police of as Connetable but Chris taught me through our time together that at times its best to take a step back and review a situation before attempting to resolve it. One incident at La Braye  with a couple of young men that we had stopped for a driving issue could well have been explosive as they were very upset at being ‘picked on ‘ and did not want to listen to any words of advice and instead wanted to behave very confrontationally.I did not want to take a step back and was on the verge of potentially making matters worse by arresting the driver when Chris intervened asking both there first names and suggesting  that both young men for their own safety drove a little more carefully in future. I  left with my  reputation intact thanks to Chris as well as possibly my nose!

Although very strong minded and with the ability to question all procedures , Chris learnt about the world of Honorary policing very quickly.He knew I believe very quickly that he could use his skills informing and teaching other officers and training was always going to be an attraction to Chris. He understood the vital need for good , accessible training and threw himself firstly into the role of training officer for St.Brelade but then into the islandwide training group .This led Chris into becoming the Chair of the islandwide traing group , a role he excelled in and one that he definitely left his mark on.

Chris is not only a huge loss to St.Brelade Honorary Police , he will be hugely missed by his colleagues aroung the island. Life experience is something that Chris had bundles of and he was only too keen to share his expertise and knowledge with others.

Chris said it as it was , a plain speaker who would always give you his honest opinion.When I stood for Connetable in 2011 he was clear in his view .It certainly wasn’t don’t do it but he clearly laid out the pitfalls and made it clear to me that being positive was key.He understood the wider political world but also understood island and parochial politics but like his advice to me, Chris was positive in his approach to all things he dealt with especially people.

Although an independent thinker,he worked extremely well within his own shift and the wider St.Brelade ‘team’ as well as on his own when necessary.

I thank Sue for allowing Chris to be so free with the  valuable time he gave to the Parish. Having a supportive partner is absolutely essential but Sue was not only supportive of Chris she was and is very supportive of the Parish more generally,something I am extremely grateful for. Partners should never be forgotten or underestimated!

Chris was a good man,professional, trustworthy beyond belief, reliable and most of all caring of others.

Sometimes life is just not fair and in Chris’ case it has robbed him of the enjoyment of retirement with Sue and all that would have offered them.

To Sue I give both my and Ann’s deepest condolences.”
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